The Golden Pig

The Golden Pig is a Fairy Tale written by the Years 4 & 5 class of teacher Kelly McArthur at Mt Cook School in Wellington.

We have converted this amazing story into an onstage live Digital Puppet show, full of exciting adventures and shenanigans!

We use X-Box Kinect controllers to read the body movements of the performers to puppeteer cartoon characters, live on stage. We combine the fantasy of an animated cartoon, with the immediacy of live performance and storytelling.

This project was made possible with the generous support and funding of 
Creative New Zealand and Auckland Live


Ages: 5-8, 9-12

We tailor the words used and tasks allocated in the workshops to the age of the kids. For the smaller ones we simplify our language and instructions, and for the older ones we push for more intensive creative development suited to their abilities.


Stage 1 - PLAN

The Story is born

7 Step narrative + narrative games


Stage 2 - MAKE

The Characters are made

V.A.M.P Physical character development


Stage 3 - MOVE

The Characters come to life

Acting out scenes on stage with the technology.



A more in depth analysis of the technology used, and a more hands on creation process with design and technology. This is not a part of the general sessions, and fits smaller groups, with more time to attend.



We assign 15mins per stage, and generally split a larger group into smaller groups per instructor. Runs as multiple session per day.


This could easily be extended for longer periods, for more intensive exercises

If you would like to know more about this show, or would consider booking the show and workshop, please do get in touch at

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